Bad Karma esports

With a great 3-0 game to start the season off, the prospects unfortunately finish week 1 in 8th place with 1 win 1 loss and a 50% win rate as they lost 3-0 to eNightmare. Tyla (coach) has already eyed up a few changes that he is looking to put into place for the upcoming week leaving us more confident for a more successful week 2.

Meanwhile in challengers i don’t think there is much more you could ask for. Firstly beating out the 1st seeded team Built By Us who had recently won the challenger pre-season tournament with a clean 3-0 sweep then closing the week with another great 3-0 over Delta leaving them in 1st place shortly followed by Hyve Central who also had a perfect 2-0 week with 100% win rate, however, Hyve scored 22 goals yet conceding 8 leaving them with a goal difference of +14 whereas BK only scoring 19 goals yet conceding just 4 leaving them with a goal difference of +15 leading Hyve by just 1 goal difference.

Finally we have the masters in 2nd place close behind Fort Templar who had an amazing 2-0 week with 100% win rate. BK were off to a great start beating out Regulars in a convincing 3-0 sweep, however, Galamo would not go down so easily taking it all the way to game 5. Eventually BK took the win making it an amazing 2-0 week just with a slightly lower win percentage of 75.00%.

All in all leaving Bad Karma just where we want to be at the top of the overall franchise standings with a total win percentage of 75.00% ending up 5-1 with little under 10% above 2nd place. We’re looking forward to taking on week 2 and continuing the dominance we’ve shown so far!

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