Bad Karma esports


A Very successful week 2 for the prospect players leaves them at a healthy 3-1 record with a 69.23% win%, an outstanding performance Vs Deathmask gaming brings home a 3-0 sweep as a great start to the week. Deathmask Gaming are one of, if not the top team with a 3-0 record coming into this game. Once again Crusader, Borisah, and Tani were able to pull off an immaculate show coming from behind in every single game to take the 3-0 sweep.
When we tried to play Buddha instead of Crusader against Hyve, within seconds of game 1 starting Buddha’s interned took a turn for the worse leaving an un-prepared Crusader to step in last minute to save the day. After a rough game 1 loss, all 3 players stepped it up with Borisah banging in goal after goal off Crusaders great passes once again Bad Karma come out on top taking this series 3-1.


Again another 2-0 week for the challenger team putting them up to 4-0, staying in 1st place with a win rate of 85.71 dropping just 2 games across 4 series equal to Hyve Central with Dormant just below at 4-0 with an 80% win rate.
Sub Axeltoss making his league debut against eNightmare was probably one of the closer games of the season so far. Despite his extremely high ping being from NAW, Axel showed why he wanted to compete in the challenger league even though he had the DSN of a prospect player when they take the series 3-1 in a great performance from everyone.
Next, Galamo. Now Galamo are another very strong challenger team, however, this was probably their hardest week of the season playing Hyve and Bad Karma scheduling both games 1 hour apart. After losing to Hyve it was now our turn to take to the field, with the main roster Steblood, Sup3rm4nX and Keiirs putting on a phenomenal performance in what was high scoring series from both sides, Bad Karma eventually come out on top with another 3-1 for the week ending week 2 with a total of 14 games played, 12 wins and 2 losses.


Once again a solid week coming out 2-0 also putting them up at 4-0 in the season and top of the league. Also with a win rate of 85.71%, meaning they have dropped just 2 games, the 1st game this week was Crossbar Heroes and there isn’t really that much to say about this series, Bad karma came out with their A-Game and looked extremely Dominant throughout.
Next, they play The Neon Flamingo where sub, DLynch makes his league debut for BK and showed why he should be in the team with another great 3-0 series, despite the server crashing in the final game with just 4 seconds to go in a 2-1 game in which The Neon Flamingo were happy to take the loss for as there was no pressure from their side.

Once again Bad karma are at the top of the franchise standings as they take week 2 6-0 in a perfect week for the entire franchise, with 11 wins and just 1 loss and an overall win rate of 80.49% and 2 wins ahead of 2nd place Eidolon Esports with a 9-3 record and 75.61% win rate

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