Bad Karma esports

Masters League

Reigning masters champions back for another run…

Long term member Brad finally gets a chance to prove himself as he joins the masters roster. After knowing the owners since before BK was founded brad has waited 2 seasons to prove his worth and now it’s his time to shine, with a fairly low 1673 DSN he is shaping up to be a really solid 3rd to the already strong team of Crusher (1810) and Nugget (1863) to make a very strong starting lineup, With the 4th player in Dlynch to finish the roster.

Last season Crusher was among one of only 2 teams to beat Bad karma playing for Eidolon who finished in 3rd place behind Bad karma (1st) and RL Ireland (2nd) so we all know crusher has what it takes to dominate the scene lets just hope he can pull it off with this new roster.

Nugget, The star player for Dejavu last season also had a great performance in season 5 where he made playoffs alongside K3 and serve, another very strong team. Nugget being one of the higher DSN players in masters this season will for sure be looking to take the win before possibly moving to Olympus in the seasons to come.

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