Bad Karma esports

Prospect League

Borisah, Tani, Crusader, and Buddha!

After 2 very strong seasons in prospect placing 1st in season 4 and 3rd in season 5, we are looking to continue that strong run going into this new season with this new line up looking really strong.
Coached by Tyla (IEL Season 5 Masters champion) we have high hopes for the season ahead.

Tani seems to be the standout player in terms of mechanics capable of scoring the nice redirects or giving great passes to assist his team, where Borisah is somewhere in between. He is more than capable of becoming a mechanical god in 1 game but won’t necessarily be the same in-game 2 where you will find him playing a more versatile and effective game. To finish off the main 3 is Crusader who seems to really stand out with his general car control and game awareness that seems to be a level above everyone else on the field. Finally completing the roster as the 4th player is Buddha shaping up to be a very good 3rd man/more defensive player who adapts well in most situations and is a very strong defender.

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